Forgot to include the ootd in yesterdays ootd post…..

Anyway, here’s yesterdays look and I’ll be posting again later with my regular post of the day which will include my top 5 pinterest picks for the week as well as today’s ootd.

Have a great day everyone!



Nail polish pick and ootd

My polish pick for this week is from Sally’s. It’s by Color Club. The kicker here is that my youngest daughter chose it and then peeled the label off the bottom…..so I don’t know the name of the color! Anyway, as you can see from the picture it’s a beautiful metallic gold, and it only cost a few bucks!


Dinner at Sucilee’s

Phew…..now that everything has calmed down, the holidays are done (for now), and my schedule is somewhat back to normal I finally have time to blog again! Yay!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

My oldest daughter Jordan has ballet on Mondays, so yesterday while we were waiting for her we headed in to the restaurant next door. It’s downtown in the best part of Winchester, the walking mall in the historic area of town. The restaurant is called Sucilee’s and serves Thai food and sushi. I looooove me some sushi but had never had it here before. Wow, was I pleasantly surpised. It. Was. AMAZING! I am planning to go back with just the hubby on Friday night, our first date night since August!

If you are ever in the area I highly recommend visiting Sucilee’s. They have the most adorable parrot fish which follows you if you put your face near the tank. It was very cool.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful day full of family, friends, and food! I have finally cleaned everything up here. I am from Shrewsbury, England and that is where all of my family still lives, so for us it was a quiet Thanksgiving, but lovely nonetheless. Relaxing and intimate. Kids are watching Christmas movies now and I am trying to get a little bit of Christmas shopping done online. There are a lot of GREAT deals today!

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I’ve recently begun trying to eat healthier. After scouring Pinterest for lunchtime inspiration I have found this to be one of my favorites. It is simple and quick which is an extra bonus. It consists of salad (out of the bag) and baby carrots topped with tuna with light mayo and balsamic vinaigrette. A side of strawberries and a slice of French bread as well as a delicious sparkling fruit juice izze and I am completely satisfied.
Next best lunch idea is a whole wheat pita bread, spread with salsa, and top with your choice of topping and grated cheese. Bake at 375 degrees for 5 minutes. My favorite toppings are wilted turnip greens, tomato and white cheddar.
What are your favorite and healthy lunchtime go-tos?

~ Jessica ~