Motivated Moms & OOTD

As a stay at home mom for quite a few year now I have come up with many methods of how I clean my house, in what order, what days for certain tasks etc etc. As many of you can relate this gets pretty tedious and monotonous at times. The praise the lord I stumbled across the motivated moms app on my iphone and presto…..the organizational method that my OCD brain craved had finally been found!!! I highly recommend it. There are 2 options: one being the app that you can download on to your iphone and other smartphones or you can go straight to their web site and purchase the printable package which is what I have done because I like things to be on paper. I use a 3 hole punch and add to a 3 ring binder. You can add custom tasks to the app version, add rooms, color code specific chores and assign them to people. You have daily chores, weekly chores etc and they are all listed for you. It’s a no brainer and if your brain craves organization like mine does then you will LOVE it. Check it out and let me know what you think…..




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