My Pinterest Wish List & OOTD

Won’t be long before the warm days are with us again (I hope). So with this in mind I began perusing my wish list on Pinterest knowing I had saved some swim suits on there. Unfortunately my favorite pick from Anthropologie is no longer available. What a bummer! You can see a picture of it here. Please let me know if you guys have seen anything comparable. I would so appreciate it.

Number 2 on the wish list is the Golden Bird Trio Necklace from Etsy.

Golden Bird Trio Necklace Flying Swallows Three Birds In Flight Jewelry

So gorgeous and delicate. Find it here. Would have looked darling with that dang bikini too!




Second pic shows color better. The lighting and mirror placement in my bedroom is not ideal for taking pics of myself that are clear. But there is no room on the window wall for a mirror.

Sweater – Target

Tank – H&M

Jeans – Arizona from JC Penney

Flats – Charlotte Russe

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Little One’s “Photo Shoot” & OOTD

These photos were taken last Summer but I just came across them again and had to share. They turned out so great, what a perfect little model she is 🙂

001 002 003 004 005 006 007


034 037 038

Sweater – Target (Similar here)

Skinny Cords – American Eagle (Similar here on sale)

Flats – Target (Similar here SO inexpensive + buy one get one 50% off)

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Unintended long break……

Woah……my last post was on January 8th!!! It flew by and was completely unintended. First my youngest daughter was sick, then I was sick, then my oldest daughter was sick, then I was sick again, then my hubby was sick, then I was sick again, and then there was snow and a bunch of cancelled school days……wow. So. Glad. It’s. Almost. Over!

I plan to get back to regular updates starting tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in there and waiting for me. Tomorrow I will post pics of my daughters “photo shoot” with my new camera and also outfit of the day.

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New Items in the Boutique & OOTD

New colorful knit pants added to the online boutique. Check them out here

colorful 1

colorful 2

colorful 5

colorful 6




Tee – Gap (Similar here, here 20% off with code 24HOURS and here on sale)
Cardigan – Gap (Similar here on sale for 40% off, here and here on sale)
Skinny Pants – Target (Similar here_
Flats – American Eagle (Similar here, here and here on sale)

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Honey Boo Boo & OOTD

Ok, so I freely admit that I love to watch Honey Boo Boo. Please, hold your gasps for a moment and let me tell you why.
I had heard about it, seen previews for it and it never really interested me. Then I caught an episode by complete accident. My daughter had it on in the background as I went about my business one weekend and before I knew it I. Was. Hooked!
Most people say it’s trash, most people say it’s ridiculous, most people say it’s a waste of my time. But research has proven that laughter adds years to your life and I sure do laugh a lot when I’m watching it. Also, if we are going to be subjected to so much “reality” television these days I would rather watch some real down to earth people than The Kardashians any day! Why only witness the rich and blessed peoples lives that no-one seems to complain about quite as much. Why not watch people who while they may at times not demonstrate great manners they at least know how to have fun and live life in a simplistic manner. It’s not about the latest $33,000 purse and Christian Louboutins…..gag!

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment. No, really 🙂




Top – Victoria’s Secret (Mine here on clearance, Similar here on sale for 42% off and here)
Skinny Cords – American Eagle (Here on sale for 74% off, here on sale and ships free)
Boots – Sears (Similar here on sale, here on sale and here on sale)

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A New Earth & OOTD

Right now I am reading the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It had a little bit of a slow beginning but soon got really good. It will totally get your brain thinking in a way that it probably never has before. For example every time you use the word “I” it’s not you talking but your ego! Please read the book and let me know what you think, it is awesome!!!




Shirt – American Eagle
Skinny jeans – American Eagle
Flats – Charlotte Russ’s

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Our Newest Family Member Louie & OOTD

Please welcome our newest member to the family……our 7 week old black French Bulldog puppy Louie!
We already have 4 year old Chloe – our cream french bulldog, and she is so happy to have a playmate.


Aren’t they CUTE!!!

I had forgotten how similar having a puppy is to having a new baby! Squealing crying all night and waking up to a whole lot of poop…..poor me ;/
But just like a new baby, it’s all worth it ;}






Tee – Target (Similar here on sale for super cheap!)
Cardigan – Express (Similar here J Crew on sale, here and here on sale)
Ponte Pants – Macys (Similar here, here and here on sale)
Shoes – Payless (Similar here)

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