Honey Boo Boo & OOTD

Ok, so I freely admit that I love to watch Honey Boo Boo. Please, hold your gasps for a moment and let me tell you why.
I had heard about it, seen previews for it and it never really interested me. Then I caught an episode by complete accident. My daughter had it on in the background as I went about my business one weekend and before I knew it I. Was. Hooked!
Most people say it’s trash, most people say it’s ridiculous, most people say it’s a waste of my time. But research has proven that laughter adds years to your life and I sure do laugh a lot when I’m watching it. Also, if we are going to be subjected to so much “reality” television these days I would rather watch some real down to earth people than The Kardashians any day! Why only witness the rich and blessed peoples lives that no-one seems to complain about quite as much. Why not watch people who while they may at times not demonstrate great manners they at least know how to have fun and live life in a simplistic manner. It’s not about the latest $33,000 purse and Christian Louboutins…..gag!

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment. No, really 🙂




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pleated poppy


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